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Insurance Claim Assistance for Contracting Work in the greater St. Louis Area of Missouri & Illinois

Insurance Claims

When you have an issue at your property that could fall under your insurance coverage, it’s important to know how to handle it to make sure that you get the most from your coverage. 

Our company can perform FREE insurance inspections to let you know how much the damage your building has sustained will cost to repair, something that is far too important to guess on. Learn about our entire insurance inspection process below.

Step-by-step walkthrough of the insurance claim process

1. Initial Inspection 

One of our professional field representatives will inspect the property and make note of all damages present.

2. Understanding Your Policy

When it comes to your insurance policy it is crucial to understand what your specific coverages are so we can best serve you. You'll want to connect with your insurance agent and specifically ask about your deductible type and amount, RCV vs. ACV coverage, recoverable and non-recoverable depreciation, endorsements, code coverages, exclusions, and requirements with your HOA. Knowing this ahead of time will really help us guide you the right way when it comes to if making a claim is going to be the right direction for you, and how to prepare for the out of pocket costs.

3. Filing the claim

If you have not already done so, based on the type of coverage you have within your policy, you can consult with our specialist to determine if notifying your insurance company of the loss and officially file a claim. If it's decided that you go this route, once the file is opened you will be assigned a claim number. The next step will either include a set time for the adjuster to come out and do their initial inspection of your property, or have the adjuster give you a call to set an appointment with you for that initial inspection.

4. Initial insurance inspection

It is very important that you have a representative from Zykan Exteriors present during the inspection. As a homeowner, it is not your responsibility to be an expert in what storm damage is, or what it takes to make the necessary repairs. That is Zykan Exterior’s area of expertise. We will be a guide to the insurance adjuster who often after a large storm does not have the time to do a thorough inspection. If the adjuster approves the claim they will submit their findings to the insurance company, and then have a check issued for a portion of the project cost.

5. Pre-Installation Supplement Process

More than likely the insurance inspection will miss some items that are important for the appropriate repairs. This is where we work on your behalf to ensure that they do their part to pay properly for us to take care of your home with the care and standards we do. This process can take a variable amount of time as it depends on how quickly the insurance reviews what we send in, but it's very important as once work is started the only things that may be approved are due to unforeseen issues. In the case that they don't agree with our findings we can request a re-inspection to get a second look. Through the entire process we will be here to work on your behalf and ensure things are accurate before we press forward.

6. WIP (Work-In-Progress)

It is during this step that the materials for your roof, siding and other damaged areas are going to be ordered, the permit will be pulled, and the project scheduled. Once the appointed day arrives our crew will complete the work, and make notes of any damage that was hidden. If damage is found it will lead to a Progress Supplement.

7. Progress Supplement

One of our field representatives will check for unforeseen or hidden damage. The cost of these items will be included in the final check sent by the insurance company. Project Complete- The work is finished, the city has signed off on their inspection, and now you will sign a completion certificate. This certificate along with a final invoice that includes all of the cost involved in the project will be sent to the insurance company for approval. Once approved they will issue a check for the remaining balance.

8. Mortgage company sign-off

Often the final check will arrive with the mortgage companies name included. This will need to be sent to them for a signature. Zykan eXteriors STL will handle this tedious task for you. This is a valuable service because in addition to the signature many times the mortgage company will require an additional inspection, photographs, and seemingly endless forms before they will approve the signature. 


At the end of this long process, you will have received the final check back from the mortgage and the project is completed and paid for fully!


“Fred’s employees are very professional and courteous”

Zykan eXteriors installed a new roof at my home and I have received so many compliments on it! Fred’s employees are very professional and courteous. I was so pleased with not only my roof but also the screen windows that were installed! Fred is such a wonderful guy, and will be my roofer from this point on. Fred’s prices are very reasonable and his work is very impressive. Thanks again Zykan eXteriors for a job well done!

- Roslyn


“An awesome job from start to finish”

Zykan eXteriors did an awesome job from start to finish with our roof. Fred Zykan was very responsive from the beginning with showing us shingles that would look best on our roof and giving us homes to look at that had the shingles already installed. The pricing was fair and competitive. When the day came to replace our roof, they were there when promised. The cleanup was so great, I couldn’t even tell they had been there! I haven’t found a nail or shingle piece in my yard – they got everything. I highly recommend Zykan eXteriors to anyone!

- Sarah B.


“We will not hesitate to employ Zykan eXteriors on future projects.”

As a result of last year 2013 category 4 storm in St Louis MO area, I contacted Zykan eXteriors as they were repairing roof in the area for inspection and discovered the house roof had serious damage requiring replacement due to loose/uprooted shingles across the roof. The decision to hire Zykan eXteriors as our contractor proved to be the right choice. The roof we choose was a perfect match for the brick on the structure, the price was reasonable, the professional expedient accomplishment and quality of work exceeded our expectations. I was very pleased to see the added plus to details such as roof vents replaced and painted to match the new roof shingles. Also the metal chimney was painted to match. Job well done!

- Gerry


“I Would Definitely Recommend Zykan”

Zykan eXteriors did an excellent job! Zykan replaced my siding, roof, fascia, gutters, and downspouts. Zykan was professional, responsive, and kept me informed through the entire process. They were quick and the quality of work was excellent. They didn’t leave a mess when the job was over. They cleaned up yard wonderfully. Zykan did work on several houses in my neighborhood and all my neighbor’s had excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend Zykan to my friends and family.

- Jay


“Extremely pleased with the professionalism of your company “

Belinda and I are extremely pleased with the professionalism of your company from start to finish. We have dealt with multiple contractors in the past and the manner in which you communicate, construct a plan and execute exactly as agreed is by far the best we have ever seen. Belinda researched and found Zykan eXteriors on the Better Business Bureau website. I want to make sure you know that all of your hard work making sure you maximize customer service is recognized. We have already been able to help others by sharing our positive experiences with Zykan. Thanks again and I will not hesitate for a minute to call you again or share your information with others.

- Brent

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