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10 Things to Watch Out for When Choosing Your Roofing Company

Selecting the right roofing company is crucial to ensure the longevity and durability of your roof. Here are ten essential factors to consider during the selection process:

  1. Lack of Licensing and Insurance - Ensure the roofing company you choose has proper licensing and insurance. This protects you in case of accidents or damage to your property. Ask for proof of insurance and verify their license with local authorities. Extra precaution is suggested if your property is located in Missouri, as a license is not required for exterior work.

  2. Insufficient Experience - Experience matters in roofing. Look for companies with a solid track record and years of experience. Experienced contractors will handle unexpected issues more effectively.

  3. Poor Communication - Good communication is key to a successful roofing project. Be wary of contractors who do not respond promptly or fail to provide clear answers to your questions.

  4. No Local References or Reviews - A reputable roofing company should have a list of local references or positive online reviews. Check these references and review sites to gauge their reliability and quality of work.

  5. Pressure to Sign Contracts Immediately - Be cautious of contractors who pressure you to sign a contract quickly. Take your time to review estimates and contracts thoroughly.

  6. Unrealistically Low Bids - While it’s tempting to choose the lowest bid, it may indicate shortcuts in materials or workmanship. Compare multiple bids and watch out for any that seem significantly lower than the rest.

  7. Lack of a Written Estimate or Contract - Always insist on a detailed written estimate and contract. This document should outline the scope of work, materials to be used, timelines, and payment schedules. Always insist on a detailed and written estimate when not working off of the insurance paperwork. If a contractor is eager to write a contract when they are aware it is insurance, they are likely trying to avoid working with your insurance which could lead you to less work approved and lower quality materials potentially used. If you’re not working an insurance claim, the estimate should outline the scope of work, specific materials being used, warranty information provided and offered, and payment schedules.

  8. Vague Warranty Information - Understand the warranty offered by the roofing company. A reputable contractor will offer a warranty on both materials and workmanship. Be wary of vague or non-existent warranty information.

  9. Ignoring Permits - Some roofing projects require permits. A reputable company will handle the acquisition of necessary permits. Avoid contractors who suggest skipping this step.

  10. Poor Project Management - A good roofing company will provide a project manager or point of contact throughout the project. Lack of project management can lead to delays and issues.

  11. Handling of Deductibles and Legal Compliance - A reputable roofing company operates within the law, including the proper handling of insurance deductibles. Be cautious of contractors who offer to "cut out the deductible" as part of their sales pitch. This practice not only undermines legal and ethical standards but also indicates that the contractor may be cutting corners to absorb these costs. Such shortcuts could be in the form of inferior materials or compromised workmanship. A trustworthy contractor will provide a transparent quote and adhere to legal requirements, ensuring that both the quality of the work and the integrity of the insurance process are maintained.

  12. Absence of On-Site Management - A roofing project's success significantly depends on effective on-site management. Be wary of companies that do not assign a site manager or project manager to be present at your job at all times during construction. The absence of a dedicated on-site manager can lead to miscommunications, quality control issues, and delays. A project manager ensures that the work proceeds according to plan, adheres to the timeline, supervises the crew, and is available to address any concerns or questions you might have throughout the project. Choosing a company that provides constant on-site management is crucial for a smooth, efficient, and satisfactory roofing experience.

Choosing the right roofing company is a significant decision that affects the quality and durability of your roof. By being mindful of these ten warnings, you can select a reputable contractor who will provide quality workmanship and materials. Always conduct thorough research, compare multiple companies, and make an informed decision to protect your home and investment.

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