Insurance Claim Process

1. Initial Inspection- 

One of our professional field representatives will Inspect the property and make notes of all damages present.

2. Filing the Claim-

If you have not already done so, the insurance company should be notified of the loss after the inspection. Once they have opened a file they will assign you a claims number, and either set up a time for the adjuster to come out, or they will have the claims adjuster call you to set up the appointment.

3. Initial Insurance Inspection- 

It is very important that you have a representative from Zykan Exteriors present during the inspection. As a home owner, it is not your responsibility to be an expert in what storm damage is, or what it takes to make the necessary repairs. That is Zykan Exterior’s area of expertise. We will be a guide to the insurance adjuster who often after a large storm does not have the time to do a thorough inspection.  If the adjuster approves the claim they will submit their findings to the insurance company, and then have a check issued for a portion of the project cost. 

4. Re-Inspection-

Unfortunately, sometimes the initial inspection does not yield the results that you are hoping for.  This will mean that a request will need to be made to have a re-inspection. A different claims adjuster will be sent out.

5. WIP (Work In Progress)-

It is during this step that the materials for your roof, siding and other damaged areas are going to be ordered, the permit will be pulled, and the project scheduled. Once the appointed day arrives our crew will complete the work, and make notes of any damage that was hidden.  If damage is found it will lead to a Progress Supplement.

6. Progress Supplement-

One of our field representatives will check for unforeseen or hidden damage. The cost of these items will be included in the final check sent by the insurance company. Project Complete- The work is finished, the city has signed off on their inspection, and now you will sign a completion certificate. This certificate along with a final invoice that includes all of the cost involved in the project will be sent to the insurance company for approval. Once approved they will issue a check for the remaining balance. 

7. Mortgage Company Sign-off-

Often the final check will arrive with the mortgage companies name included. This will need to be sent to them for a signature. Zykan Exteriors will handle this tedious task for you. This is a valuable service because in addition to the signature many times the mortgage company will require an additional inspection, photographs, and seemingly endless forms before they will approve the signature. 

8. Enjoy-

By now the work has been completed, you have received the final check back from the mortgage, and have paid for your project in full.